The best ideas to fill empty spaces in your home **


From awkward nooks to an open area below a wash basin, these handy hacks will help you maximise every inch of space in your office or living space. In this post, we share with you our best ideas on how you can fill empty spaces in your home with fantastic ideas, inspiration and photos from Cox and Cox.


  1. Clever shelving

Shelves and bookcases can liven up empty areas throughout your home, especially if you’re a bookworm with a large collection of reading material you want to display. However, you don’t have to stick to a traditional bookcase. Instead, try something a little different, such as a rustic wooden ladder shelf, which is ideal for displaying books, plants, trinkets and photographs. A free-standing shelf unit, meanwhile, is perfect for hallways and utility rooms.


  1. Create a home office nook

If you’re struggling to find a use for an awkward space between two walls, a home office could be just the solution you’re looking for. Adding a stylish desk and a chair will turn an otherwise wasted area into a useful space. It will also mean you won’t need to take up space on the kitchen table as you will now have a permanent home for your laptop and other work paraphernalia. Add a lamp or other lighting and some artwork to brighten up your new home office.


  1. Under-stairs ideas

The space under a staircase can be utilised in various ways. One option is to turn it into a downstairs toilet or a handy storage cupboard to help keep your hallway clutter-free. Another idea is to add a sofa to transform the area into a cosy spot for relaxing with your favourite book or the latest must-watch TV drama.


  1. Customise

Bespoke, fitted furniture is ideal if you have tricky spaces you’d like to make use of. Designed to fit your home and your possessions, customised furniture includes wardrobes, cupboards, media units, bookcases and much more.


  1. Think multi-purpose

If you have an empty space next to a wall in your kitchen but don’t have room for a full-size dining table, a folding version could be the answer. Day-to-day, it’s all you need at mealtimes, but when catering for more people, extend the table to accommodate your guests.


  1. Bathroom saviours

A classic basin with wash stand offers an open area that can be turned into a handy storage space. Woven baskets filled with bathroom essentials such as toilet rolls and towels fit perfectly in the empty space.


  1. Smart storage

If you need more storage but don’t have the space – or bank balance – for extra furniture, look out for ottomans and trunks that not only look stylish but serve as useful places to store towels, bedding and toys.


  1. Bring the outside in

What better way to brighten up an empty space in your house or flat than with a spot of greenery. Not only do houseplants look good, they benefit your health and wellbeing in a number of ways, including reducing stress levels and improving air quality.


** This is a Collaborative Post



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