How to give your home a stylish, rustic look **

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As the leaves change colour and the temperature outside drops, we turn our attention indoors. It’s the time of year when we want to feel warm, cosy and relaxed, so here’s our advice on how to give your home a stylish, rustic look – even if you don’t live in a country cottage (featuring images from UK Feature Walls).


Keep it simple

For a rustic vibe, keep your interiors unfussy with simple furniture in weathered, grained wood. Neutral colours and natural materials are key to this theme, and aim to find a balance between comforting and rough.


Rugged chic

Add a little rugged luxe with a statement piece in reclaimed wood and metal. A ladder shelving unit is a stylish alternative to a traditional bookcase that fits in perfectly with the relaxed feel.


Autumnal colours

Intense shades of bramble, berries and bark add warmth to the rustic trend and break up the neutral colour palette. Use these hues in your soft furnishings, from cushions and throws to curtains and bedding.


Relaxed displays

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no need to be neat with this theme. Display books and unusual accessories unevenly to give your interior added character and a more lived-in look.


Throws and cushions

Give your home the alpine lodge treatment with throws, blankets and cushions in tactile fabrics you’ll be eager to snuggle up in with a warming cocoa. Choose materials with a homely, comforting feel such as wool, linen and faux fur.

How-to-give-your-home-a-stylish-rustic-look -old-rock

Be original…

If your home boasts original features, show them off. Expose your brickwork, beams and wooden floors for a natural, authentic look that celebrates your home’s best features.


…Or create the illusion of original features

Rustic brick slips are made to look like real brick faces and have an aged and rustic look, which adds to the authenticity. These brick-effect tiles will fit perfectly in almost any setting because they look just like a real brick wall once fitted. Brick slips replicate the look of conventional bricks without the need for using full-size bricks, and as well as being used for indoor feature walls, they can also be used outside.


Get back to nature

Add nature-inspired wallpaper with a forest vibe to remind you of glorious winter woodland walks and induce a sense of calm. Choose designs featuring trees and plants to continue the relaxed, rural feel, which is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.


Distressed wood

For beach hut ambience, you can’t go wrong with distressed wood. This rustic, weathered style can feature in your furniture including tables and chairs, and also in your accessories, such as bowls, photo frames and magazine racks. Close your eyes, and you may even hear the sea.



Place wicker baskets around your home to store and display a variety of household items, from bread and houseplants to logs and toiletries. Wicker chairs are also a great way to continue the chilled out, natural theme.


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