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There are plenty of events and exhibitions to attend for bloggers, however, sometimes these can get expensive, especially when you factor in travel, food, potential overnight stays and the cost of tickets and anything you buy at the event. Being a blogger, working from home as a freelancer or even being a stay-at-home-parent can be a lonely endeavour, connecting briefly online with others in your position, while spending most of your time keeping the blog running, finding and researching content or keeping on top of a busy family household.

Luckily, there are options available that can reduce the need for expensive exhibition attendances and offer you an opportunity to get together with others in your position to scratch that social itch.

Regular Video Chats

Some people take to chatting online with others like a duck to water without a care in the world, they can connect and see their online companions as a different type of friend than their IRL (in real life) alternatives. Online friends are great for expanding your social circle and often include talking to people from completely different walks of life and cultures. However, using only text chat as your means of communication can still feel isolating, stuck behind a screen and without working off a social need.

Video chats are an excellent opportunity to get some social facetime, with plenty of platforms offering support for up to ten live chatters, allowing a friend group of bloggers to come together, see each other’s faces and deepen the friendship bonds between them while solving their lack of socialisation. You don’t have to video chat every day but even setting aside an hour a week can make a positive contribution to your social requirements.

Organise a Blogger Event

While this will take a bit more effort and involve some investment from your blogger or similar interest group, holding an event can actually cost a lot less than you realise, especially when split between a group of individuals. Consider the type of event you’d like to hold and plan your venue accordingly, is it a small group that could quite happily have a coffee morning in a favourable coffee shop or chain location or is the group a larger number that would be more comfortable in a meeting or conference space like a business space or hotel event space.

With the amount of online resource available, you can easily put together a list of requirements and work out the costs to hold an event, allowing others to chip in or contribute or even fund the event together. It’s a great way to get your name out as well as learn a few more skills in the area of event organisation and offers excellent content for everyone’s blog!


Making Use of a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are on the up and up in the UK and across Europe and offer an excellent way to work alongside individuals in similar industries without having to hire an entire office space. Coworking spaces often have the option to rent a desk space hourly, daily or longer, depending on your needs and are often in well-stocked locations that include tea and coffee making facilities, digital resources such as printers and even building reception staff who are available to take calls and accept the post.

Coworking spaces tend to be used by freelancers or home-workers in digital industries, although that isn’t the restriction, this can help put you in touch with other skilled workers who are able to inspire or influence you or even help you learn extra skills to contribute towards your own personal endeavours or blog.

Add a Work-Out-The-Home Day

If budget and time are restricted and you aren’t able to organise an event, hire a coworking space or set aside time for regular video chats, consider adding a work-out-the-home day to your week. You may need to get up a bit earlier on this day to get out the home and still start your workday at a similar time but sitting in an environment that accommodates independent workers like a coffee shop, café or library can be refreshing for your inspiration and motivation and help tick your social needs box without detracting too much for your working time.

Our social needs often go unfulfilled even though they are as important as our need for food and water. Even introverts need to socialise now and then, even if only briefly. By catering to your social needs, you are helping contribute to positive mental health, which can help you feel refreshed and motivated for the week ahead. Just think about the last time you shared a smile with someone and how that made you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to have that warming feeling all the time?


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