Tips for Saving Up for Your Dream Holiday **


It doesn’t matter where your dream destination is, the point is that you’ve been meaning to go there for ages and it somehow never happens. When it comes to the time for booking the flights, you realise that it’s just too expensive and so you settle for that all-inclusive in Portugal again.

Well, this time, you’re going for it. The trip might be expensive, but it’s not out of reach if you put your mind to it and actually stop dreaming and start doing. All great journeys start somewhere, so here are those vital first steps.

Create a sensible budget

You can get some brilliant advice and help from Creditfix when it comes to compiling a budget. It’s not just a case of looking at how much you have coming in and how much goes out again; it’s also about how you can stop so much going out. A good budget will identify your money-wasting habits so that you can reduce or eliminate them.

Reduce drinking and stop smoking

This isn’t just good financial advice, it’s also good for your health. If you cut out those after-work drinks on Wednesdays and stop that cheeky bottle of red on Thursday nights, you’ll be saving at least £20.00 a week. Multiply this by six or 12 months and you’re looking at £500.00 to £1,000.00 in the kitty.

As for smoking, just stop it. It’s expensive and it carries well-known health risks. If you think you’ll have difficulty giving up smoking, then see your GP for help.

Eat out less often

If you’re a sucker for stopping for a quick bite to eat when you’re out shopping, then look at ways you can stop this happening. If a lot of your meals out are on impulse because you’re suddenly hungry, then you should eat a protein-rich meal or snack before you head off. If you love to go out to eat in the evenings and it’s a big part of your social life then suggest to friends that you have a pot-luck evening once a month or so. Combing through your bank statements will tell you how much you’re saving if you stop going for that quick burger when you’re in town. Make sure you deposit this amount in your holiday fund.

Get to know your exchange rates

You also need to know what, say, £10.00 will get you in your dream destination. If it’ll be the price of a meal for two by the beach, for example, then put down that scented candle! You don’t need another one, despite what you tell yourself. By knowing off the top of your head what various daily expenses are, you can think twice before wasting that amount at home.

Earn some more money

Saving money is easy, but earning more money is also a good option. If there’s any overtime going at your existing job, then snap it up. Alternatively, you could pick up some shifts at a local pub, especially around Christmas time. In this way, you’re getting paid to socialise!


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