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We love our food, and we love our travel. What better way to spend some time than by combining the two! But on a cold, miserable day, when exotic locations in the sun seem out of our grasp, why not go for a little taste of overseas right here at home? Here are three of the best places to try international cuisine here in the UK.



York is a beautiful place to spend a day even if it is a little cold! York also happens to be home to one of the best French restaurants in the country. So if you have the urge for a little French cuisine then you should head to Rustique. The decor is distinctly French as is the music, enough to make you feel like you have been transported across the channel. There is a set menu as well as an à la carte, the headers of which are all in French. So you’ll need to know that les entrées means starters, and les plats principaux means main dishes. All of the dishes are also in French though they do have English descriptions. Though where is the harm in looking up a little French on before you go?



There is more to Spanish food than the typical tapas you might find on your local high street! If you are in Manchester then there is no better place to head than La Bandera, the home of some of the most delicious and traditional Spanish food. The restaurant could be in Barcelona, Madrid, or any of the other major cities of Spain using all the vibrant colours of the Spanish flag (la bandera) in its decor to give it a truly Spanish vibe. As with Rustique, you will need to either know a little about the kinds of dishes you are looking for, or brush up on your Spanish with  Language Trainers before you go. Croquetas de chipirones en su tinta (squid in its ink croquettes served with home-made green Alioli) is a famous dish that many people go to La Bandera specifically for. Though we could feast on just the arroces (rice) or acompanhamentos (side) dishes alone!



Everybody who loves food knows that Borough Market in London is one of the best places for sampling something new. Recently we were inspired by our visit to Carluccio’s Restaurant and Deli in Chester and if you’re like us and Italian is your thing, and if you’re spending a little time in the Capital, then Padella in the market is the place for you! Yes, the restaurant is a busy pasta bar, but unlike the chains you will find up and down the country, Padella really pours love into its food. Their pappardelle is to die for, as is their fettucine. The menu, aside from headers, is all in English so you can’t mistake what you’re ordering, and there are plenty of Italian drinks on offer to accompany your food — everything from grappa to wine.


Every cuisine you can think of you can find in the UK. From the best Polish restaurants in Birmingham to award-winning curry houses in Birmingham. So if you feel like something a little different to eat, there is no need to leave our shores!


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