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We love reading books and often encourage our children to do the same as we find books so interesting, educational and inspirational as well. We share our love for reading with our readers by posting book reviews on the blog.

Every so often, we also tend to team up with book publishers to run giveaways and competitions for our readers to win some books. We review most types of books from children’s books, fictional books, cookbooks, self help books through to non-fiction books. Read on to find out more about our reviews.

We love books and reading to our kids and often emphasized how important this is as parents of young kids ourselves. As bloggers and social media influencers, we want to encourage our followers to get…

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‘This handy guide takes you to a London you’ve never seen…’ so reads the blurb on the back of this pocket-sized gem. The inviting description continues, ‘…a London of challenging Etruscan restaurants, edgy branding parlours, emoji…

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Where do I start? I just passed on my two Annabel Karmel baby recipe books due to my kids having outgrown them, so when we got this book to review I was so pleased. Firstly…

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Our 5-year-old son loves football and seeing that its Worldcup season at the moment makes it even more fun and exciting for him. He is into football terms, learning about penalty shootouts and wants to…

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We love book and so do our kids, so here’s another children’s book review titled Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day by Bev Scott Prior. We were sent a copy of the book to read through and…

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