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Held once a year, The Photography Show offers great opportunity for amatuers as well as professional photographers to visit the show to learn, buy and find out more about the latest gadgets and technology in the photographic industry. I personally found the show to be inspirational as I got to meet other like minded people, test out some of the Nikon lens, as well as try our some other products which has been on my ‘wishlist’. There were lots of interesting talks and seminars as well throughout the day and it was nice to get some tips

All the participants had the chance to feel the quality of each of the item / gadgets they were interested in and ask the Sales personnel questions about it. I met a few Sales Rep who travelled all the way from Portugal, Germany and India to promote their products, so it is a great meeting point for meeting suppliers.

The exhibition boothes were plenty and there were shows, talks and discussions for photographers to learn new tips and ask questions.

Some Tips :

Parking at the NEC costs £12, so try to carpool or take the train down to save you on cost. You don’t need to get a parking ticket when you arrive. Just make sure you have paid for your parking tickets before you leave.If you drive, there are ample or car parking spaces. Just remember to take note where you park your car as the car park is huge and you don’t want to forget where you have parked. There are lots of free shuttle busses from the car park points to the Exhibition Hall, and the busses are frequent with 10-minute intervals.If you are a professional photographer, obtain a trade pass before hand when you register on their website so you won’t have to pay for entry ticketsTry to spend a whole day there or a few days to make the most of it.Bring your camera as there will be lots of models and opportunities for you to take photos. Read their programme line up on the website so you can plan and maximise your day well

Why go to The Photography Show ?

Stalls like Nikon and Canon will usually have a huge exhibition booth where everyone who is interested in a particular lens or camera can go and experienceThere will be discounts but make sure you have the normal prices written down so you can compare with the exhibition prices.There will be lots of products, samples, great line-up of skilled speakers, demonstrations and talks held at the show. It will offer you a great opportunity to get hands on with the item before you purchase it .

When and where is the show held?

The Photography Show is usually held once a year in March at The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

For more photos and details, visit my Photography Blog – Asha Carlos Photography

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