Lapasa Review*

We were contacted by Lapasa‘s PR company to review their yoga and underwear clothes. The Company which is from Canada also has a base in Hong Kong so their are able to send out their clothing’s efficiently and rather quickly without any hassle, no matter where you are based in the world.


Lapasa sent us two of their clothes to test out, the first was a black top which was made from polyester, nylon, cupro as well as spandex material. This retails at £13.95 on Amazon.


The second was a Purple Space Dye Capris pants made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex material which retails at £12.45 on Amazon. See the images below.



What I thought of the pants ?

The pants was soft, comfortable and elastic. I tried it when I did my zumba class using it and it faired well. The material was comfortable and light hence did not feel heavy at all and it also clung to my body perfectly. I loved the pattern on the pants which was bold and made me feel energetic. There is also a hidden pocket in the pants which I used to keep my car key and cash.

What I thought of the t-shirt ?

The shirt had a lovely cut to it, giving me a sleek and slim look, it was also airy especially when I was sweating and it did not emit an odor. The material was comfortable and light and I loved the black colour of the t-shirt as it clung to my skin perfectly.


Best part of it, you can gift these clothings which comes in both men and women’s range to your loved ones or friends as they come in beautifully packaged gift box.


Do visit, Lapasa‘s website to see the range of clothes being sold for both men and women. To purchase the clothes do visit Amazon (link provided below). They offer a range of clothes for both men and women, ranging from top, pants to sports undergarments.


Yeah Lifestyle readers are lucky to be awarded with a 10% code when they purchase the following Lapasa Yoga / Fitness Clothes for Men and Women for a month from 15 September until 15 October

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Women’s products:Woman’s tight leggings

Woman’s Capri pants

Woman’s Yoga Sports bra

Woman’s Seemless Wireless Sportsbra

Woman’s Knickers

Woman’s Cupro T-shirt

Men’s products:

Men’s Cupro T-shirt

Men’s Travel Underwear

Men’s Compression Top

Men’s Compression Tights

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