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We love all things food, so we were really happy when we were contacted to review The Sugar-Free Family Cookbook by Sarah Flower. The book consisted of healthy and tasty recipes for the whole family to enjoy without SUGAR.

Looking through her recipes, we found that she had adapted a lot of common recipes from soups, salads, main meals, fast foods as well as desserts to make make it more healthy and omit sugars or use an alternative such as Stevia, Xylitol or Erythritol. She also listed out the benefits of eating healthily and its benefits. We also loved the fact that she listed out the nutritional information about the contents of Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate and Fibre per portion for every recipe and provides suggestions to make the meals low carb.

Here’s an example of a recipe which we tried, Mini Fritatta Muffin which had 9.7g fat, 0.6g fibre, 8.3g protein and 1.7g carb per muffin. It was yummy and the kids enjoyed it as well.


Here are a couple more dishes which we tried, Chicken Schnitzels as well as Healthy Southern Fried Chicken. These were baked in the oven with hardly any oil in them. We could not believe that Southern Fried Chicken could be recreated with hardly any oil at all. So we felt really healthy afterwards.


There are over hundreds of recipes in the following chapters :

*The Breakfast Table

*The Soup KitchenSnacks

*Light Lunches

*Packed Lunches Sides


*Main Meals

*Healthy BBQ

*Fast Food

*Just Desserts

*The Ice-cream Parlour

*The Bakery

* The Tuck Shop

As parents, its great to know that we can give our kids healthy breakfast, main courses as well as dessert options without worrying about the sugar contents in the recipe. The sugar substitute which Sarah has used are sweeteners such as Xylitol and Erythritol which are natural based. We also loved the fact that she pointed out that many of the pantry items such as baked beans, pesto, tomato paste and tomato ketchup has sugar in them, so she has provided an alternative recipe to make them at home.


With so many more recipes to try out, we will totally recommend this book for anyone wanting to create a healthy option for themselves and their families. It is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to change their unhealthy eating habits to a more healthy one.

About Sarah Flower

Sarah is a leading nutritionist and author of several cookery books, is passionate about healthy eating and a keen advocate of the sugar-free and low carb way of eating. Sarah writes for a number of publications including The Daily Mail, Top Santé and Healthista. She appears regularly on BBC Radio Devon. She is available for commissions, expert comment, freelance writing, recipe development and nutritional workshops. She works with business and PR companies, providing nutritional support and endorsements, feature development and recipe development.

How much is The Sugar Free Family Cookbook?

Kindle copy retails for £6.99 while the paperback copy retails for £12.99 on leading book stores or Amazon.

ISBN No: 13579108642

You can purchase your copy here.

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