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Every once in a while, we get invited to events, launches or blogger get-to-know you sessions. So here’s a post about our little Rendezvous in Macclesfield, a beautiful market town in Cheshire to visit the home of great furniture, style and service.  Do enjoy the slideshow which will give you an idea of the furniture and decorative items which are on sale at the shore.
Although, we have passed Arighi Bianchi store numerous times whenever we are in Macclesfield, we never had the opportunity to pop in and to look around their furniture shop. So we were thrilled to be invited to visit the Arighi Bianchi store for their VIP Home Edit Event last week.  We arrived at the store to be guided to the Cafe’ bar Arighi for a quick meet and greet session and a cuppa.  We were next given a lovely guided tour of the shop by the Bianchi family, our tour was headed by Rob Bianchi and here’s a short video of Nick giving us some facts on why the family picked Macclesfield as their destination.

We next took a short break before enjoying our delicious lunch specially prepared by their head chef –Geof the Chef.  We were later joined by both Rob and Nick’s dad, Paul for the blogger Q & A session. It was lovely to see the faces behind the famous brand and to see that it is still a very much family run business as it was since 1854. Here’s Nick explaining how the business changed its name from Arighi to Arighi Bianchi.
We continued to browse at the store, watch a flower arrangement demo and later there was a Q&A Sesion with local TV presenter and celebrity,  Sarah Beeny.
All in all, a fabulous day at Arighi, Bianchi. We cannot tell you what we loved most..we loved everthing from the tasteful deco, beautiful furniture, the £25,000 bed, the goodie bag which we were presented and the food at Cafe Arighi which was of excellent quality. Here’s the photos of the Oven Roasted Salmon, Asparagus and Pea Minted Risotto as well as the King Prawn, Chorizo and Sweet Chili Linguine.
Thank you to the marketing team and the Bianchi family for their hospitality and insight into how they treat their customers and what is offered at the store.  We left with a wealth of knowledge that they not only sell amazing looking furnitures, but also that their staff are really well trained and they have such a good eye for detail. To top it all, their customer care is impeccable. Here are a couple of photos which was taken with the Arighi family.
History of Arighi Bianchi

Their story began in 1854 with a journey on foot from the shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy, over the Alps and across central Europe, to the silk town of Macclesfield in the North West of England. A young adventurer, Antonio Arighi, sets up shop making clocks and barometers that he lends out to farmers on sale or return – a canny innovation that proves to be a money-spinner.

His fledging business takes off and soon he is joined by Antonio Bianchi, a master craftsman and cabinetmaker from the same Italian village of Casnate. Together they create Arighi Bianchi, which gains a nationwide reputation (and the patronage of Kings) for producing high quality, handmade furniture upholstered in locally sourced silks and materials. Their landmark store, fashioned on London’s famous Crystal Palace, opens in 1892. To read more about the family, visit their site here.


Where is Arighi Bianchi ?

The Silk Road



SK10 1LH

Tel: 01625 613333


What are Arighi Bianchi’s Opening Hours?

Monday to Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday 11:30am – 5.00pm

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