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Wondering where to go for a quintessentially English Afternoon Tea experience in Staffordshire? Then wonder no more. Wedgwood Tea Room at the World of Wedgwood, Barlaston offers a contemporary yet indulgent selection of both sweet and savoury treats. This delicious petite sized cakes, scones and sandwiches are all served on the finest Wedgwood China.


We were lucky to be invited to sample their newest menu which has been created in London and only launched this week. Costing just £25 for the Afternoon Tea selection, we could also choose a pot of our favourite Wedgwood loose leaf or Wonderlust Tea. This newly prepared Afternoon Tea which is set to be launched worldwide will also experince a slight change of ingredient between 25 Nov until Christmas to give it a more Chrismassy feel to it.


The above plate consists of mainly the open sandwiches which are the following:

Oak smoked salmon, courgette and cream cheesePickled peppadew, mozzarella and appleDry aged beef with horseradish, asparagus and creme fraicheCoronation chicken with picked onionCrab paste and chive on Canadian rye bread

They were all delicious but healthy as well, the ingredients were well balanced and although they look small in portion size they were quite filling. We loved all of it but a special mention has to go to the pickled peppadew mozzarella and apple sandwich, totally exquisite.


The above scone recipe for cranberry scone is proudly Wedgwood’s very own recipe, these are served with strawberry jam and homemade clotted cream. The scones are made freshly every morning at 8am.

The following petite desserts (photo below) are tiny yet so full of flavour and satisfying. All the flowers and decorations are edible. We love our desserts, hence we can’t put our finger on our favourite dessert but the c

hickpea pavlova with coconut cream and fresh berries is just out of this world! The wild strawberry tea jelly with dried strawberry tuiles is light but so pleasurable, another favourite has to be the decadent dark chocolate brownie as well as the g

inger cake with candied ginger. Which is basically everything…absolutely yummy!!


As you can tell, we were completely spoiled with the selection, Chef Bruce has put a lot of thought and effort into the preparation of the selection. We also had the opportunity to speak with Chris Perkins who is the Group Development Business Director. He mentioned that the ingredients used in the Afternoon Tea are becoming hard to source due to the change of the season. He has assured that they will continue to provide only the best and find alternative suppliers.


If you are not too sure which tea to choose, speak to the staff and tell them you would like to do a tea tasting. Hannah was really good in explaining each tea as she served it to us.


A selection of Wonderlust Teas

Rococo Flowers

A light bodied aromatic white tea featuring a lingering floral aroma of the flower Ylang Ylang orange flowers.

Crimson Jewel

A caffeine-free blend of red fruits, the blend has top aromatic notes of strawberry combined with a tartness of cranberry and raspberry.

Oriental Jewel

A medium bodied black blend with fragrant sandalwood, juniper berries and hints of pine. On sipping, the blend reveals woody notes with a hint of a citrus aroma.


A medium bodied green tea with soothing notes of aloe vera. Velvety and sweet, the brew is light grassy with floral notes.

Yellow Tonquin

This blend has a distinct herbaceous character laced with fresh lemony noted brought by the lemongrass, lemon myrtle, orange peel and yuzu.

Blue Pagoda

A medium bodied dark Oolong tea with a balanced fragrance of flowers and fruit. The brew features hints of mango and jasmine flows subtly after.


We loved that we could ask to try each of the tea before we decided which one we wanted to have with our Afternoon TeaWe loved it even more when we found out that these were on sale and we could purchase the beautifully packaged tea bag consisting of 24g bag for £12. A great Christmas Gift idea for those wondering what to gift family or friends. If you would like to make it even more special, you could also purchase the matching cup / saucer gift box set.


Alternatively if you are visiting Wedgwood with a friend or your partner and thinking of having a deeper experience of the place then opt for the Afternoon Tea Experience for Two which only costs £49. This includes a factory tour, visit to the museum and you get to enjoy a quintessentially afternoon tea. The full breakdown of the experience is as follows:

Highlights of the Afternoon Tea Experience:

• Explore the Wedgwood Factory Tour • Visit the Wedgwood Museum • Enjoy a tea tasting session of our ‘three teas of the day’ in the Wedgwood Tea Emporium • Indulge in a sumptuous Afternoon Tea for Two in the first and only Wedgwood Tea Room in the UK. Enjoy a variety of finger sandwiches, delectable cakes and fancies and homemade scones with fresh clotted cream and Wedgwood strawberry preserve. Plus, unlimited refills of Wedgwood Tea, with over 50 flavours to choose from.

• 10% discount in the Flagship Store • Receive a free Annual Membership Pass worth £35, which entitles you to unlimited free entry into the Wedgwood Museum, the Wedgwood Factory Tour plus 10% off dining for an entire year.


Enjoying the delicious Cranberry Scones

Wedgwood and Tea

A Wedgwood Story since the mid-18th century Wedgwood has been intrinsically linked with tea. Josiah Wedgwood, ever perceptive to emerging trends, began designing tea ware collections in response to the fashion for drinking tea, which flourished with the growth of trade routes that brought this new commodity from the Far East to England. The adoption of these collections by Queen Charlotte resulted in permission to rename the collection ‘Queen’s ware’. The royal affirmation prompted a deeper link between Wedgwood and tea. As ’Potter to her Majesty’, as he was then known, Wedgwood’s tea ware grew in popularity with the aristocratic classes, including the Duchess of Bedford to whom the origins of the English tradition of Afternoon Tea are attributed. In 1865 the Duchess, experiencing a ‘sinking feeling’ in the middle of the afternoon, took to her room with tea making equipment and some bread and butter. This small repast was so enjoyable that it was soon shared with friends. As its popularity grew it developed into a more elaborate affair encompassing both sweet and savoury delights. The modern Afternoon Tea is now a universally popular indulgence which crosses boundaries and cultures whilst retaining elements of the original experience. Choice of blends or accompaniments may differ for individual palettes, but the underlying purpose of the ritual, a time to draw breath with good company in a pleasant haven of tranquillity, remains central to the Wedgwood Tea Room experience.


Where is World of Wedgwood?

World of Wedgwood, Wedgwood Drive


Staffordshire, ST12 9ER

Tel: +44 (0) 1782 282986 (to book your table or email bookings@worldofwedgwood.com)


What are the opening hours for World of Wedgwood and their Tea Room?

Open Everyday from 10am to 5pm Wedgwood Tea Room opens from 12 noon to 5pm

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  1. Riz
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    I do love a nice afternoon tea. World of Wedgewood is on the list. 🙂

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