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We were invited to World Of Wedgwood on Stafforsdshire Day to take part in various family related activities which was taking place in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent. I have done a short slideshow clip with music and video and lots of photos for you to have a quick look, keep reading on to find out how our day went and what to expect when you make a trip to World of Wedgwood.

When we arrived, there were lots of food and craft stalls located outside the museum selling various items such as arts and crafts, food produce, cheese and home made delicacies. The food and artisan craft market is held on the second Sunday of every month from 10am until 4pm.
A lot of visitors including my kids were facinated with Josiah Wedgwood’s statue which is located at the entrance of the museum. A great photo opportunity for many.
We started our visit with the factory tour,  I was told that the factory has been there since the 1930s but extensive renovations and works had been done to make the place look very modern. The whole tour was very facinating with lots of information.  The staff even made an effort to stop to explain things to us when we asked them questions. My kids enjoyed most bits but were a little overwhelmed with all the pottery.  They thoroughly enjoyed the pinch a pot workshop as well as the  kid’s pottery making activity.
I felt the staff, artist and lithographers were so skilled and gifted to be able to do such beautiful and intricate patterns by hand.  Everything was according to clock work and  identical even though some designs were done by hand. Here’s a picture of the factory photographed from the overhead.
After the factory tour we visited the museum, there were lots of fun information for kids as well as buttons for them to press to hear stories from the time period. The museum was filled with lots of facts and history about the evolution of pottery in Staffordshire. All these presented beautifully for visitors. You could see that Josiah Wedgwood was such a meticulous person, taking pride in labeling every experiment he did, paving the way for great pottery to be made.
Some photos taken inside the museum.
Visitors will enjoy admiring the beautiful and exquisite selection of pottery items which are available for purchase as sourvenir or gift items. In lieu of Staffordshire day, we were lucky to also see Wedgwood’s launch of their new store Brand Junction selling a selection of branded items. I loved seeing the beautiful dragon made from pottery plates.
There were lots of kid’s related activities on the day such as butterfly trail, design and decorate your plate and making butterflies with Kate Malone, the famous judge from Great Pottery Throw Down. Kate was there showing her support for Staffordshire Day and to help the kids make butterflies to decorated two beautiful vases.
My kids were super hungry by now, so we decided to grab lunch. There were some stalls selling food outside, but we decided to head to The Dining Hall. My advise would be to make prior reservations, we would not have got a table otherwise as the restaurant was fully booked. The dining hall was tastefully designed with lots of photos hanging on the wall.
The kid’s meal cost about £6 which comprised of a hot meal and dessert.
We adults opted for a sandwich and soup which cost about £9 and some tea which was served in fine pottery glasswear. The kids were kept entertained at the kid’s play area while we waited for our food. The kid’s area is suitable for kids who are 5 years-old and below which is located in the restaurant.
We continued spending our afternoon at World of Wedgwood, listening to the music being played outdoors, shopping at the market area and the artisan shops. We also had the chance to listen to the melodic voices of the Staffordshire Community Choir who had two shows scheduled for the day.
The kids could not get enough of playing outside. They adored the garden area running around playing hide and seek through the huge basket weavings.  The water fountain was also a top favourite with them as they joined the other kids running around and getting wet.
Yes, seems like another beautiful day spent at World of Wedgwood, on Staffordshire Day. It is a great family location as you can easily spend a whole day there exploring the many activities or even enjoying an Afternoon Tea at their tea room. Do check out their website to read up on upcoming activities especialy during the term breaks.
Where is World of Wedgwood?
World of Wedgwood, Wedgwood Drive
Staffordshire, ST12 9ER
Tel: +44 (0) 1782 282986
How much do the tickets cost?
Its now free entry to Wedgwood Museum Monday to Sunday
Its also free for children under 12 to enter to the Museum and Factory Tour
You can get invidual or family tickets to experience the museum and factory tours or even added things such as afternoon tea or master craft activity. Do check out the website for exact pricing, which starts from £8 up to £30.
What are the opening hours for World of Wedgwood?
Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 5pm
The Dining Hall opens at 9:30am while Wedgwood Tea Room opens at 12 noon

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