Penclic Mouse R2 Review *


We were asked to review and test out the latest Scandinavian based Penclic Wireless Mouse R2. At first glance, we were not sure what to think of it, the design is very different and innovative compared to the usual mouse we have been used to, most of our lives. Looking very much like a pen on a square mount, the black pen does stand out. It came with a manual, a black velvet casing, AAA rechargable battery as well as a USB rechargable cable cord (5 meters in length).

As we were testing out the mouse, we seemed to have surprised ourselves with the findings. Although it does take some getting used to initially, we found that the more we used it the more it became second nature to us. It feels very comfortable, like holding a pen and the finger soon remembered which button did what. The rotating ball allows each user (no matter the size of their hand) to get comfortable and adjust how they hold to their preferred.

Unlike the traditional mouse, using Penclic does make the hand feel less strained, the design of the mouse makes using it very comfortable especially for prolonged period of time. On the negative side, because it was so light, we kept knocking it off whenever we were tring to grab the mouse (we have to admit we were staring at the screen instead of looking at the mouse). Once we got hold of the mouse, there was no problem at all. We love the design and are currently using this as our mouse.


Some points to remember:

The mouse is super sensitive and we recommend using a mouse pad for itThis is for a right handed person, they do have a left handed version so if you are buying this as a gift, do get the right one.It comes with a AAA rechargable battery or it can also be charged using a USB cableIts wireless hence easily portableIt comes with a manual explaining each buttonThe Penclic mouse can be easily packed away in a lovely black velvet casingIt has 5-buttons and a scroll wheelIt has an on/off switchIt comes with a 2-year warrantyIts MAC & PC compatible


How to use the Penclic Mouse?

Hold Penclic Mouse like a pen, the bottom part acts like a traditional mouseLet your forearm and your hand rest on a surface while keeping your shoulder relaxedThe pen part can be adjustable to suit specific grips. Fixate the bottom part with one handand rotate the pento the preferred angle with the other.

How much is the Penclic Mouse R2 ?

It currently retails at £59.99. You can purchase it here.

Benefits of Using Penclic Mouse

On their website it is stated that RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is an injury that can be caused by repeatedly using your muscles and joints in the wrong way. For example, by not sitting right by your computer, or holding your hands and arms in an unnatural posture repeatedly for a long time.

RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are two of the most common causes of work-related sick leave and costs companies billions in absenteeism and health care. In the US alone, RSI and CTS costs more than $ 20 billion in medical allowance each year.

Penclic was created to combine ergonomic requirements of our bodies, the latest technology and minimalist Scandinavian design to produce a mouse that help you be more productive & healthy in your day-to-day work on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

So if you do have RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, this will definitely help ease your pain and recovery process.

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